For some people, psoriasis is a nuisance. For others, it affects every aspect of life. Today psoriasis cannot be cured but advanced treatments –like XTRAC– make sending it into prolonged remission possible, even highly probable.


XTRAC clears the symptoms, prolongs the remission and returns skin to a clinically healthy state in record time. All of which means XTRAC delivers consistently predictable results so patients experience more good days of living than bad.


Who should consider the XTRAC therapy?
Almost all patients with plaque psoriasis are candidates. If you have mild, moderate or severe psoriasis, you should consider the XTRAC Therapy.

On what body areas can the XTRAC therapy be used
The XTRAC Therapy can be used on any plaque psoriasis regardless of location on the body. The XTRAC Therapy is excellent for hard to treat areas such as the scalp, knees or elbows.

Is anesthesia required with the therapy?
No. The XTRAC treatment is pain free.

Is the XTRAC therapy safe to use on children?
Yes. XTRAC treatments have been performed on children as young as just a few years old.

How quickly will I see results?
Most patients will begin to notice improvement in their psoriasis within 3 or 4 treatments. Significant improvement is often seen in 6 to 10 treatments, with clearance in 10 to 20 treatments. Individual results will vary.

Are there side effects or risks associated with XTRAC?
XTRAC has none of the drawbacks often associated with other psoriasis treatments – such as premature aging of healthy skin, skin thinning, resistance to medication, or potential negative systemic side effects. Some patients, however, experience a reaction similar to sunburn or blistering at the site of the treated area and in some cases, and increase in pigmentation may occur.

How long does a treatment take?
Treatments are relatively quick. The exact time depends on how many psoriasis areas are being treated with the XTRAC. Typically, patients can be in and out of the treatment room in ten to fifteen minutes.

How long will psoriasis clearing last?
Each patient is unique, but psoriasis sufferers who have experienced the XTRAC Therapy have found that relief can last for extended periods of time, typically 4 to 6 months or longer than other psoriasis treatments.

Is the XTRAC therapy safer than other treatments?
The XTRAC Therapy is extremely safe compared to other prescription treatments. The XTRAC Therapy does not expose your healthy skin to treatment. Also, there is no thinning of the skin as is common with topical medications. There is also none of the dangerous health risks such as cancer, tuberculosis, even death, as associated with biologics and systemics.

Is there any pain associated with the XTRAC Therapy?
No. Most patients feel no pain or discomfort during the XTRAC Therapy.

Can I use other treatments along with the XTRAC Therapy, such as topicals or biologics?
An XTRAC Physician can define the best treatment protocol for you and whether the XTRAC Therapy should be used with other medications.

How often is the XTRAC Therapy given?
The XTRAC Therapy is performed two to three times per week in your physician’s office. Your physician will discuss with you the best treatment program that fits your need.

Is the XTRAC Therapy safe to use on pregnant or nursing women?

Is the XTRAC Therapy covered by my insurance company?
All major insurance companies and Medicare provide coverage for the XTRAC laser treatments. For questions about insurance coverage, please contact our office.