SculpSure™ – NYC’s Popular Fat Reduction Treatment

At Upper West Side Dermatology we offer SculpSure™ to NYC patients. It is a 25 minute non-invasive treatment that is FDA-cleared for fat reduction, performed under the guidance and supervision of board-certified dermatologists. SculpSure lipolysis works with your body to target the nucleus of the fat cells responsible for stubborn, fatty deposits. SculpSure’s laser fat removal technology, along with your immune system, breaks down and permanently destroys fat cells in the abdominal region, love handles, back, thighs and beneath the chin.

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Lunch Time Non-Surgical Fat Removal
Redefine your abs without redefining your schedule. SculpSure is a comfortable, in-office procedure designed to melt away up to 24% of unwanted body fat in the first session. Our non-invasive laser session targets the flanks, saddle bags and other areas resistant to diet and exercise in less time and less pain than CoolSculpting. We will adjust the SculpSure to reach maximum benefit without making you uncomfortable. Among patients surveyed, it maintains more than a 90% satisfaction rate. Our highly experienced cosmetic dermatologists at Upper West Side Dermatology have developed treatment protocols to administer a procedure that’s safe, comfortable, and produces excellent results.

Good Candidates For SculpSure
Ideal candidates for SculpSure are men and women who have pockets of fat unresponsive to diet and exercise.

SculpSure Treatment Areas
The main areas we target are:
•    Stomach/Abdomen
•    Stubborn Belly Fat
•    Love Handles/Flanks
•    Inner/Outer Thigh
•    Arms
•    Back/Bra Area
•    Beneath the Neck (Double Chin)

Safely Eliminate Fat That Defies Diet and Exercise
SculpSure is a safe procedure that requires no anesthesia, incisions or injections. The wavelengths of laser light emitted by SculpSure technology precisely target specific cells, without damaging the surrounding area. This cutting-edge laser fat removal procedure works with your immune system to eliminate fat cells through the lymphatic system. SculpSure has received FDA-approval to safely melt fat in the abdomen and flanks. After just one treatment you’ll be closer to achieving the sculpted, toned body of your dreams. In some cases, we recommend an additional treatment after a few months.

How is SculpSure Performed?
SculpSure is outfitted with 4 separate contouring frames that accommodate unique areas of the body simultaneously. The precise hyperthermic laser transfers heat to isolated pockets of fat, disrupting and removing fat cells from nearby tissue so that your body begins to lose fat. During your body-contouring treatment SculpSure technology cools the skin to make the session more comfortable.

Before and After Photos

Results After Your NYC SculpSure Session
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Following a SculpSure treatment your body gradually continues to eliminate excess fat cells targeted during the laser fat removal session. Typically, patients enjoy results within 6 weeks with full results experienced at 12 weeks. Additional SculpSure treatments may be performed at least 6 weeks apart to achieve your aesthetic goal.

Why Choose Upper West Side Dermatology for SculpSure?
As one of the first offices in New York to feature SculpSure fat reduction, Upper West Side Dermatology gained valuable experience in getting the best results with this technology. Our team of expert dermatologists is dedicated to delivering advanced aesthetic procedures that provide patients with unparalleled body contouring. For your complimentary SculpSure consultation, contact Upper West Side Dermatology today.